Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who are we?
We are recently retired baby boomers living on the Northern Florida Gulf Coast. Larry was employed as a Senior Vehicle Mechanic for a major overnight shipping company and Marcia was the Executive Director for a health related non-profit. We planned for some aspects of our retirement and other things we’re figuring out as we go. This blog is designed to tell about our journey and to get insight, inspiration and feedback from others who have been down this path ahead of us.
Now that we have much more time to ourselves and that we control, we are finding that we can devote our energies to many different tasks and activities. We have several interests and want to share those things with a wider audience. In addition, we enjoy traveling and doing things with our grandchildren. Marcia likes photography, making collages and greeting cards. She has also done a fair amount of scrap booking. Larry loves to fish, surf the internet and make “stuff”. He knows how to make stained glass pieces and has made furniture, pottery and baskets. He currently wants to experiment with a raised gardening technique that is designed to be fairly small but sufficient for the needs of a family based on the number of family members.
We would also like to share some of the bigger events in our lives and what we gleaned from those experiences. From the scariness and uncertainty of having a serious illness, to the challenges we faced when we took on the task of providing elder care for Marcia’s mother, we find that those things have shaped our outlook on life. We would like to share hope and inspiration to others who are faced with some of life’s biggest and most difficult events.
So come along with us on this amazing journey to a new life on our Funny Farm. It is different than our old life, but in many ways we hope it is better than the old one could ever be. No, we really don’t live on a farm---far from it---but we really are searching for the good life and the Funny Farm seems as good a way to describe our life as any! You never know where we’ll end up, what we’ll do or what we’ll encounter along the way. Come on in and go with us!
Marcia and Larry
Funny Farm Hands