Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Day on the Funny Farm

Today was a day to get some things done for our fast approaching cruise with Brian, April and the grand kids.    Larry and I both got haircuts---much needed, I might add!  Then it was on to Shoe Station to get  a new pair of walking shoes for Larry.   After that we went to Beall's to find a few new togs for me.   We made a stop at Carpenter's Campers for a part for the brakes for the camper and the truck.  Reynold's Hardware had the rest of the supplies for the brake project.    Then we came back home and it was time for lunch.  So much for the morning!  

We are keeping a close eye on the Gulf of Mexico since the disturbance there could bring us some much needed rain, but it might also bring some other unwelcome weather with it---like wind.    Luckily Larry has been trimming the tree branches close to our house and removing random stuff in our yard that might cause "issues" if we have a tropical storm or hurricane coming our way.   After all, we are approaching the peak of hurricane season---September 10th---which, ironically, is the day we sail away for Mexico.  So we really, really do not want a hurricane to spoil our fun.   

I started writing a book I have been thinking of writing, literally for years.   Its working title (and probably actual title) will be Journey to Oz and Back and will be the story of finding out I had breast cancer and how I dealt with it, learned from it and survived.    Believe it or not, that journey for me started over 21 years ago!   I learned so much and feel like I have things to share with others facing similar circumstances or any kind of loss, difficulty or trauma---not just cancer.   I was amazed how much I remembered of those first days and hours after I learned I had cancer.   It's all there and I just need to get to the laptop and write!   Yesterday I did nearly six pages so I felt like I got off to a great start.   I will be reporting on my progress for this project as time goes on.     If I don't mention it, please ask how it's coming along!

So that's what's happening on the Funny Farm right now.   We're looking at the process for getting a website up, selling stuff on and assorted other things to keep us from running amok.   We'd love to hear from our followers. 


  1. It's great to hear about your progress on the book, Marcia! Rich and I are anxiously awaiting each new bit of writing. Keep it coming!

  2. We too are looking forward to the cruise and hope this weather doesn't stick around too long next week. Looks like our neighbors will get a very rainy/windy departure on Monday for theirs!


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