Sunday, January 15, 2012

Huh??? Wha' Happened?

To the followers of this blog:   Huh????   I dunno what happened but all I was doing was adding some labels to my previous posts and somehow got the order of them re-arranged a little bit.    So the post at the top of the blog that I did for yesterday was one I did several months ago!   I am completely baffled how that happened and those of you who know anything at all about doing anything with a computer should not be surprised at this.   After I consulted the "help" section for Blogger I came away scratching my head even more.   No help there.   And, I know you're going to be shocked by this, but I was more confused than before I looked at the help section.  

So my solution to this problem (since I think it is a temporary thing that just re-arranged the order of posts a little bit) is to post another entry and move the posts down.   Eventually, it won't matter.    Just know that the real post for yesterday was supposed to be the one about Retirement: Looking Back After One Year.  Oh and the moral of the story is to try not to monkey around with this thing without a license as weird things might happen that you can't fix.   And to think I wanted to revamp the whole thing from top to bottom.    Perish that thought.  ;-)

In a few more days I'll be flying to North Carolina to spend some time with my niece, Rebecca,  that I mention frequently in this blog.    She and I are more like sisters than aunt and niece since we're only eight years apart in age.  We played together as children and are even closer now that we're all grown up. My sister, Ginny, and I were known to dress Rebecca up (when she was too little to stop us) in all manner of borrowed clothing, including hats from mama and things that we thought passed for ball gowns and called her Our Little Princess.  To say I love her like a sister is really understating the case.  I know the time spent with her and her amazing husband, Rich, will jump start my thinking.  We've already made reservations at a place called Memory Lane, so look for some ramblings from me that include lots of memories and discussions about how important those are in crafting a Good Life.   

Marcia and Rebecca in Breckenridge, CO, 2000

Happy Trails and Remember to Book Your Tour Down Memory Lane!


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  1. Can't wait to make the stroll with you, Mart! We'll have fun, fun fun (and maybe a few tears) along the way.


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