Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Caution: Larry Wrote This Post!

A few days ago Marcia wrote a blog post about mustaches, etc.  She read it to me and at the end she had tears in her eyes.   So I thought perhaps it brought back some memories that made her tear up.   So I said, "Why are you crying?"   She said, "You're not a writer."  And I said,"Thank you for that endorsement."  So proceed with caution---you have been warned.   If you came here today expecting the same eloquent prose that you're used to reading on this blog, STOP reading now.   For you will be sadly disappointed.  

I spent the day doing a couple of projects I have been dragging my feet on.   I made a Camper Ramp to assist in replacing the camper tires.    If you want to know what this is, you can google the term "Trailer Aid" and find examples.  But mine is home made.  I may not be a writer but I do have some handyman skills.  (On edit:   Marcia says she is grateful for that!)  

Two pictures below will give you an idea of how this ramp works.    I am going to put it in action next week and will report back with pictures and let you know how well it worked or not.  
Trailer Ramp for Changing Tires
End View of Ramp

Another project I needed to do and have been putting off was the wheels needed to be painted on my truck.  They were rusted and pitted.   So I got the sandpaper out, sanded the rims, cleaned them, primed them and repainted.   Below are pix that show the process.   
Cleaned and Sanded


Completed Tire with New Paint

The upside of all this activity was I got two projects out of the way that needed to be done.   However, the downside is I got a sunburn and I missed my afternoon nap.  

Will report on the ramp after I put it into action next week.   If you got this far, thanks for reading.  

Hasta la Vista, Baby!

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  1. I have never seen Larry Gainey attempt to do something that he didn't end up doing better than anyone else I know. Writing will probably be no exception. I'm just grateful that I got a 50-year head start on him.



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